Tabletop Wargaming Tactics: When To Take Risks

Gentlemen to your planes!

Wings of Glory WW I is a warplane miniature based wargame where you take to the skies piloting epic planes from the time period.

Knights of the sky.

This week’s tactica post has us using the game as an example of when to take risks.

In the game we pilot the planes through issuing movements through a deck of cards- pilot out three cards and use them to move the plane.

In the shooting phase of the game, if you have a plane lined up to shoot at, damage is dealt through a deck of cards- you draw a number of cards based on the type of machine gun or weapon being used.

The damage cards simulate the damage narrative of the game with printed numbers on them and special effects. The numbers represent damage to the hull of the plane- when a player takes equal or more the plane is destroyed.

Likewise there are special damage effects which can cripple an engine, jam a rudder, or injure a pilot.

Most planes can take a few hits and some special conditions and still remain in the sky.

However, in that deck of 50+ damage cards there is one BOOM card- representing a direct hit to the fuel tank of the plane causing it to explode.

Draw this card and you are out of the game.

So against this narrative, when do you take risks in the game?

Maybe joust with another plane?

Take a risk to be in a better position to tail a plane?

When is the time to take any risks?

The time is at the start of the game- when the damage deck is fully stacked. One *could* draw the BOOM card on the first draw, but the odds are as low as they can be.

As the game moves on, and damage cards cycle out- if the BOOM card has not been drawn, one needs to get more conservative.

At other times, in wargaming, the start of the game- that turn one, two, and three are the times to take any risks- as your army, armada, star force, etc. is at full strength- as you take losses each turn, tactical options get reduced and one needs to play more conservative and avoid risks.

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