Miniature Games: Starting A New System

I’m jumping all in with GODTEAR, a fantastic skirmish miniature game played with multiple warbands, battling over the tears of fallen gods.

Putting aside the narrative for a moment, what is the plan when jumping head first to a new wargaming or miniature system?

How can we cut the learning curve down, and start winning games as quickly as possible?

If it takes 20 games to develop a base level tactia proficiency, can we do it in 10?

That’s the plan…

We start with the rules. Reading the rulebook not to memorize them, but to understand the flow of the game- breaking it up in turns- what happens at the different phase of the game? Getting an idea of how the game plays.

YouTube videos, blog posts, and forums are a great tool to help. Taking out some miniatures and working through the phases of the game, step by step.

Don’t worry about needing to look something up or figuring out a rule for the first few games- that is what the book is fore.

Understand the phases of the game, the flow, leads to tactics. Looking at the individual units, characters, champions, and now seeing how to use them in each phase of the game.

Playing out some scenarios and working/exploring combos helps with this proficiency.

NOW, we get down to playing some games.

For your first couple of games, say the first ten or so, mentally don’t let these count towards your internal win/loss count. We all want to win games, even ones played for fun and the narrative, and as a gamer, we always bring out best.

BUT, there has to be a chance to experiment and learn without the pressure, to pull together the rules and tactica to create something on the table.

At this point it is now about playing games- as many as you can. Working on refining and understanding how the tactics and rules come together, followed by learning how to play the various missions in the system.

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