Podcast Warhammer 40K Deployment Lockdown Tactics

Continuing our Warhammer 40K podcast series on army templates and tools for your 40K tactics.

Deployment lock down army builds- listen to the podcast below or follow this link to download and save it.

Emperor Protects!

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6 Replies to “Podcast Warhammer 40K Deployment Lockdown Tactics”

  1. For a couple armies this template does not work. Death guard come to mind, as they lack the ability to be up in your face turn one. If you can do it though, this can win you the game quite handily, but don’t try to force it in some codexes.

    As a side note, perhaps you could do a post telling us your thoughts on multi-codex lists. Such as chaos marines, death guard, and demon dettachments all in one list (2000pts most likely to get it all in there).

  2. I’ve had a few games now with my fledgling chaos list. Im 0 for 3 at 1000 points using 50 cultists… 1 daemon prince, 1 sorcerer, 10 possessed marines, 1 dark apostle, 3 oblits. I’ve faced gunlines and I just dont get stuck in with enough model mass. Even using warptime and renegades which are very fast… it just does hit the enemy with enough force/mass. I can see this being just as much of a problem scaling up to 2000 so I decided to take a bit of a detour with my list idea.

    The lockdown solution: Daemon allies. Skulltaker and 30 bloodletters hitting my opponent turn 1 with enough reinforcement points to summon 3 bloodcrushers twice. With the new blood banner hotness… 3d6 rerollable charges are reliable and bloodletters hit super hard with all their buffs. I think this will buy 1 turn for the rest of the army to get up the table in high enough numbers.

    How is that for a solution?

  3. An example of a counter to deployment lockdown:

    I recently played a game with my Grey Knights against a semi deployment lockdown Khorne list, where my opponent deepstruck half his army turn 2 (bloodletters & thirsters). I knew the threat was coming and layed out my 3 strike squads in a defensive perimeter (bubblewrap) for my land raider. I put the rest (a dakka storm raven with 4 paladins, Voldus, and a dreadknight) in reserve, waiting for him to deepstrike and then flying in the raven away from his flying greater daemons. After he deepstruck in his daemons and murdered some humble power armoured grey knight bubble wrap, I used the “gate of infinity” teleport psychic power to put my land raider and a lucky surviving strike squad inside to safety on an opposite corner, where I also brought my reserves in and punished the daemons from afar with las and bolter fire.

    If you know the deepstrike/deployment lockdown is coming, a good strategy is to hold your deepstrikers in reserve to counter theirs!

  4. Hey Fritz,

    I have been getting crushed lately by deployment lockdown. My opponents put a big unit in my lines turn one and then I lose because it keeps me busy for half the game. How can you defend against this? Can you somehow prevent deployment lockdown from happening to you?

    1. An excellent idea for a post, and I’ll put in the to-do post list!

      I find that one needs to have some deep-striking units that can perhaps go after the weak scoring units in your opponent’s deployment zone so they don’t bomb all their units in your deployment zone- they will be forced to pull some back or off to deal with your own kind og mini-lockdown.

      If you can’t do that, castle up in a corner to maximize your firepower and dice, let them land, blast em enough, and break out with a few units. Try to shift some of your unit to attack the scoring units or small important units they may have to take some of the pressure off your deployment zone.

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