Episode 56: Starting Your Own Gaming YouTube Channel, Blog, & Live Stream

Have you been thinking about starting your own YouTube channel, live stream, or wargaming blog?

Podcast episode 56 explores some of the starting point and experiences to keep in mind.

Listen to the podcast below or download the audio file HERE.

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4 Replies to “Episode 56: Starting Your Own Gaming YouTube Channel, Blog, & Live Stream”

  1. Painting question, finally got round to my 1st painting session, now I’m not going to win any golden demon awards, even though in my head I paint like Duncan Rhodes, reality I’ve discovered I’ve two left thumbs,
    So how is enough, when is it time to say stop,
    Oh don’t forget the scenery podcast, how much, fair placement and tactical advantages, what can/can’t do with scenery

    1. I think it depends on the balance of time vs. playing. Get your miniatures to tabletop so you can play them ASAP, and over time work on them so more- basing, squad markings, banners, etc.

  2. I guess the other question is “how to avoid running afoul of youtube’s terms and conditions”

    Like seriously, what the hell happened? Still pictures pissed off some robots working at google?!

    1. Good question, that is the balance of host yourself and have control or host at Google and get better rankings and SEO, BUT be at the mercy of any changes.

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