Episode 22: Gaming Stress Point Tactics

Warhammer 40K, Battletech, X-Wing Miniatures, Judge Dredd Miniatures, Star Trek Attack Wing…

…what they all have in common beyond FUN are STRESS POINTS.

Every wargame is a simulation on the tabletop- rules put in place allowing the players a ruleset to enjoy the game. Rules = what you can and can not do.

However, every ruleset has what is called “stress points”, places in the rules where the simulation gets a bit clunky and slows down- as a player if you exploit these for more win…

Grab, listen, and download Episode 22 HERE: EP 22 Gaming Stress Points.

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3 Replies to “Episode 22: Gaming Stress Point Tactics”

  1. How’s things Fritz. Scenery!! What’s the wargaming etiquette for it, how much is to much. And how little is, well not enough. How do you decide where to place it. As not to get a sneaky advantage,
    I myself love a lot of scenery I love city style street to street combat, ( guess who canr wait fir necromuda haha) and I hate wasted scenery that’s on the edge of the gaming table that don’t add gameplay, other than eye candy,

    1. An excellent idea for a future post & podcast- it’s on the list to explore. I’m a huge believer in wargaming tabletop scenery. It is the third part of the game that makes it awesome- rules = army + scenery. It is the bridge of why we play with models vs. just using cardboard counters for unit. I think one can never have to much, and have different types spread all about to make it “fair”. For pickup or matched games I try to make it even on each side in terms of type- area terrain, LOS blocking, ruins, forest, etc. so no one player has an advantage and both side have lots of tactical opportunities with it. For a narrative game it might be a bit uneven- a fortress and no-mans land on one side, the other player storming the fortress. Themed terrain like this needs both players knowing what they are getting involved with first. Agreed, terrain on the edges of the table tends to be forgotten as both players move to the center or midband of the table. I put my generic terrain on the edges so it fills in the table, and my best terrain in the center so we can fight over it and enjoy it.

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