Episode 11: Wargaming Tactics- Redundancy

Building on yesterday’s wargaming tactics of controlling the flow of the dice, let’s move to some basic list building fundamentals.

You have your army, how are you going to make it work on the table?

Besides critical mass, one needs redundancy in a list- the ability to accomplish all the goals in a mission while taking into account that both your opponent AND the dice will be working against you.

Grab, download, and listen to Episode 11: Wargaming Tactics- Redundancy here.

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2 Replies to “Episode 11: Wargaming Tactics- Redundancy”

    1. Is there a line when it crosses over from tactical redundancy to spam? In Battletech I play LOTS of long range missile mechs and armored carriers- the ultimate in redundancy, but it is really spammy…

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