Wargaming Promotion

As a wargaming enthusiast I’m always interested in new systems and experiences, ready to tap into the community and push out more tactics.

Are you bringing a game to market and could use a little extra lifting?

Perhaps I can assist with building that momentum and providing supporting content through a product review and tactics articles?

I’ve had the good fortune to work and help grow a number of passions and initiatives in the community, a select few that I have worked with: Awakened Realms, Warlord Games, Riverhorse Games, Drowned Earth, Brush 4 Hire, & Wing Smooth Painting.

Working with your content and vision I have a number of channels to help share the momentum including this blog, my YouTube channel, and  Twitter feed.

Questions and inquiries may be directed to me through the contact form at the bottom of this blog.

See you in the game!