X-Wing Miniatures: Blockade Runners

Fleeing a remote base on the out rim, elements of the Rebel Alliance fleet mass together and prepare to make the jump to light speed as Imperial Navy forces close in…

I’m in command of the Perdition’s End, a CR90 Corvette carrying supplies from the rebel base, while the other C90 and transports carry supplies, personnel, and rebel diplomats. Closing behind us is an Imperial Star Destroyer as fighters and assault craft are ahead planning to stop our jump.

We have some fighter escorts, mostly X and A wing class to intercept any torpedo attacks.

The plan?


Perdition’s End will push ahead since she is carrying the least amount of crew and personnel. All power to the turbo-lasers, trying to draw in as many Imperial ships as possible and literally ram through. Create as much chaos as possible so the others can jump. Fighters to stay close and keep any bombers or quick attack craft from engaging.

Fire at will.

Take what you can.

Sometimes, in the moment of such battles, the only tactic is determination and the will to blast out of the situation. Literally the next few minutes of gaming will determine the outcome.


Two, three, four on one, Perdition’s End suffers massive damage to the engines and control systems. Internal fires and explosions gut her…

…but we are still pushing through, and I’m putting all energy into the turbo-lasers.

Blue squadron is buying us the time…

A wing of TIE Advanced fighters make a torpedo run on the Perdition, ripping her in half as I give the order to abandon ship…

I’m at the comm till the last moment before her reactors go.

Transport XI-1 explodes a few moments later and the other CR90 is taking heavy damage and starting to fall behind…

…but the transport XI-2 manages to make the jump to hyperspace.

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