Warhammer 40K: Last Stand Of Hestius V

“Workers of the Imperium! Rise up against your masters and seize the means of production! Freedom, worker’s right, and equality for all!”

And with those words, the rebellion began against the Mechanicus masters on Hestius V. With a population of 13.5 million workers for every 2.3 priests of Mars, worker losses climbed into the billions as a company of Ultramarines were tasked with putting down the rebellion and securing the Titanicus-tech of the largest shrine.

But there was a bigger prize at stake…

A larger goal in luring them here…

A cabal of Dark Mechanicus technological terrors, non-sanctioned level 5 omega psykers, and our master, Lord Syn of the Berzerkers of Skallathrax.





The Dark Mechanicus could have their soon to be captured new toys, Lord Syn was there as part of his ascent to Daemonhood.

Khorne would be watching, and Syn would make sure he caught his gaze.

An entire legion of workers descended on the Ultramarines through the ash-wastes and rad-lands.





Crashing into the ranks of the 1st Company the Space Marines held felling hundreds of the workers, cultists, and mutants for every battle brother that fell.

A ruse to draw them out, so the real attack could begin.

Unleashing a tide of Chaos fueled fury and Dark Mechanicus mechanical terrors that would bring tears to an Ork Mechanik’s eye.




A predictable response, the Ultramarines throw more into the battle, foolishly believing that faith alone can win the day.

If only they knew the true power of the Dark Gods.

Now they shall know fear.




It was there on the fields of Hestius V, that our master, Lord Jared Syn of the Bezerkers of Skallathrax took one step closer to ascention.

Personally slaying the 1st Company Ultramarine Chaplain Rex the Pious in personal combat…

Hundreds of models and hours of gaming, for one moment of glory…

Hail Horus!

Let the galaxy burn!




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