Warhammer 40K Dark Angels Hunt For The Fallen

Leading terminators from the inner circle, elements of the Ravenwing and tactical marines from the 5th company the Dark Angels push forward under the watchful eye of Interrogator-Chaplain Fritz.

Bolstered by the Grey Knights, and under the watchful eye of the Inquisition a battle against the forces of chaos unfold. Perverse markings of Slaanesh, brass war symbols of Khorne, traitor Imperial Guard and a technological terrors are all thrown against the advance.

But something holds the Dark Angels back, certainly not fear, or lack of faith.

Rather, something more secret.

In a moment of clarity, Luther spoke of this place and time, of this very battle, and for that the Dark Angels made sure to manipulate events to be among the vanguard.

A lone Chaos Space Marines across the field, the kick of the bolter in his hands.

No adorned with the blasphemies of  Slaanesh, but rather a set of ornate power armor, black power armor, markings designating him one of the fallen.

The Inquisition can have the relic, chaos can have the relic, for this moment the struggle of the galaxy and the Imperium of Man is irreverent.

All that matters is that the fallen are made to confess and repent.


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