Warhammer 40K: Battle For Armageddon

The battle for Armageddon continues.

All across the planet forces of the Imperium of Man battle the Ork waagghh of Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka while traitors, heretics, and cults on the planet also take advantage of the struggle.

Final Liberation will be achieved.

It is here in an small Adeptus Mechanicus workshop that the smallest of victories will lead to greater things.

Under the forced labor of serfs and servitor automata 500 (estimated) Imperial Guard Chimera APCs are produced each hour. Production must not be allowed to be interrupted as the Orks move to destroy the factory.

Under the command of Commissar Holt elements of the 671st Steel Legion, Blood Angels, and  Armageddon “Chem-Dog” militia are ordered to

hold the factory at all costs. Designated Alpha priority for the war in this sector additional resources have been assigned placing the Baneblade “Hammer of Hades” under command of Commissar Holt.

Armageddon “Chem-Dog” Militia

Blood Angels 1st Company & Death Company

Hammer of Hades


Steel Legion holds the line, as the Blood Angels drop in assault marines and Death Company & Honor Guard…

Speed Freaks counter…

ERE WE GO!!!!!

Lords of War commit, all will be decided in the new few turns…

Thousands dead in a few minutes.

Hammer of Hades destroyed.

Blood Angel Honor Guard, Death Company, and 80% of the 1st Company KIA.

Minor factorum damage sustained, reducing output by 0000.3%.

Losses acceptable.

Emperor Protects.

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