Dungeon Saga

Lost in the great misty mountains of Mantic is the Dwarf King’s Hold.

Ruined dungeons of the greatest of the last beard-kings, containing vast riches and untold power.

For some a lost kingdom, others a tomb…

As of late, strange portents and omens have been happening around the tomb.

Some say the Dwarf King has risen.

Knights from the order of Valendor entered the Hold weeks ago, and not a single soul has returned.

Rumors speak of a new power in the hold, and ambitions Necromancer seeking powerful artifacts to control both the living and the dead.

The call has gone out for heroes to enter the Hold, seal its power, put down the rising tide of dead, and confront this Necromancer.

Dungeon Saga begins…

The newly dead walk in the upper halls of the hold.

The remains of the fallen knights reanimated by a dark will, they fall to blade, bolt, hammer, and magic.

Deeper into the Hold, the dead become more numerous, rising from piles of bones and ruins.

Off the great hall of the hold a powerful artifact against the awakened power is found, four parts of an amulet guarded by the spirits of the dead.

Deeper into the hold, more monsters raised from the dead, cave trolls and dwarf warriors from the age of great battles.

The dark power is growing…

The heroes are getting closer…

The discover of the Dwarf King’s tomb, weapons of great power, a final descent into the lair of the Necromancer…

…and a confrontation.

The book of souls closed.

The hold sealed for another 1000 years.

Chapter one of the Dungeon Saga is closed.

New adventures await, as the Tyrant of Halpi arises…

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