All Quiet On The Martian Front


The end of the Great War.

The end of the old age, leading to a new age of enlightenment, justice, and equality for all.

Science would be the new religion.

The powers of the world, quick to disarm, and put away the tools of war forever.

Then they arrived.

From outer-space, from Mars, from the great beyond.

All radio transmissions from Europe went dark.

Metallic calendars landed on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, tripod war machines emerging, blasting with heat-energy rays.

Our place in this epic struggle begins at the Mississippi River and the defense of Memphis.

Command is now at the local level, with Washington destroyed, all the Generals dead, and no communications, pockets of infantry and tanks have set up inland from the banks of the Mississippi, which itself has been mined.

They crossed the Mississippi as one would step over a puddle. Mines, artillery, and tanks do little to slow them. The tripods, as they are called, don’t have armor like out machines, but rather some kind of energy field that safely detonates our shells.

From hidden positions a mass charge is ordered as waves of infantry swarm over the machines. A few are slowed down, one is felled through explosive charges, but the lines are broken, and the order to retreat is given.

As the Martians approach Memphis, the order is given to evacuate the civilian population along with diverting steams of refugees from the North. Command has now fallen to key veterans from the Great War, men with direct  first-hand experience in warfare.

Showing no mercy the Martians push the attack on the fleeing civilians as elements of the retreating forces from the battle of Mississippi turn around and re-engage to save as many lives as possible.

With the civilians evacuated from Memphis, it is no longer a city, but a fortress as the battle begins. Street to street, close fighting, hand to hand. No longer on open ground or attacking fixed positions the Martians are not ready for urban warfare.

More and more tripods drive into the city, as armored divisions and fresh infantry from Florida push up from the south.

At the end of the week, Memphis still stands, the flag is still flying, and for the first time since the invasion all is quiet on the martian front.

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