Why do I play wargames?

Certainly as a collector and completionist collecting toy tanks, infantry, ships, and robots is very appealing.

Certainly I enjoy the narrative of commanding my models and trying to execute tactics on the tabletop.

But above everything else, the real FUN for me in wargaming is the social aspect.

Getting together with some friends, rolling some dice, blowing up some (virtual) stuff, and living some battles we will be talking about from years to come.

Warhammer 40K, Battletech, X-Wing Miniatures, Chain of Command, Board Games, and combat heavy RPGs are all vehicles for this FUN.

In the time that I have been blogging and podcasting your support and feedback has helped improve the social aspects of my tabletop games by giving me excellent ideas and feedback on my own, sometimes crazy, ideas. I hope I’ve given you, or will give you some gaming ideas to try out on your own games.

And THAT is the mission statement for my blog here, and why  I try to share and create the best that I can- to learn, grow, and hopefully be a part of your gaming life as a friend.

See you in the game!



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