Winning Zombicide Black Plague Tactics

I consider Zombicide Black Plague to be THE goto game for an open game night at the gaming club. A game that can seat multiple players so nobody is turned away, light-but-fun mechanics, and a theme that anybody can get into. Add in easy to understand rules, and tension that builds as zombies flood the table each and every turn. When I am running a demo of a game, or part of a big co-op game no matter what happens I’m not going to alpha-play it. Everybody has their character and plays their character choices and all. That said there are a few tactics to keep in mind which I am going to play with my character(s) and hopefully make it out alive with the group…

…or go down swinging.

Without giving away an spoilers the main theme in all of the Z:BP missions are navigating from one side of the board to the other- perhaps unlocking doors or getting items, but either way the group has to go from the start to the exit.

Combine this with the hidden timer of the game- as each turn passes the players get weaker in terms of wounds and movement options, as the game gets stronger with zombie spawns.

So all of your momentum needs to happen at the start of the game, when you have the most movement choices and the zombies are at the weakest in terms of numbers.

Add another layer: loot & items.

Zombicide Black Plague has a fun RPG feel to it as you level up and gain new abilities, while also collecting loot. Loot is KEY. Getting gear you can use now and as you grow in power is priority.

So at the start of the game, we want to move to the center-ish of the map and start searching from there. This let’s you find items, even with the blind draw of them, and keep your movement choices as open as possible. Generally the only time I will override this is if the map has some easy search points directly where the party starts, or if I’m forced to go to certain parts of the board to unlock doors, etc.

Bring out your dead!

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