Warhammer 40K Assault Space Marine Army: Prepare For Glory!

In the name of the Immortal God Emperor of Mankind, prepare for GLORY!

My Black (RED) Templar Space Marine army follows my attack, support, and defense army template, assigning a role to each unit in the army, and executing that role on the table regardless of the opposition.

For the attack group I have two units of assault terminators, a land raider, and assault marines. The land raider takes either the lightning claw or thunder hammer assault terminators and drives them into the heart of the opposing army. Following this are two units of assault marines and the second unit of terminators deep striking down. The goal is total glory, and to keep my opponent’s army busy dealing with this group for as long as I can.

The defensive group are razorbacks with Space Marine inside- the assignment of these units is to complete the mission win conditions of the game- objectives, table quarters, kills, etc. They will work as a group, but each is self sufficient as the mission might require them to break up as much as I don’t like to do that. Razorback provide protection, mobility, and some nice firepower vs. just taking a rhino.

For my support unit I have a dreadnought- Brother Ares. He kind of floats around on the table seeing what area needs a bit more support- perhaps my attack units, or defense units? Maybe there is a mistake my opponent made with a unit that I can exploit? Each turn it is where is Brother Ares needed most.

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4 Replies to “Warhammer 40K Assault Space Marine Army: Prepare For Glory!”

  1. How mobile is the dread and how do you have him kitted out? It seems like it might be hard to exploit a mistake if it doesn’t move fast enough to get to the action.

    1. Assault cannon and fist or twin linked las and fist most of the time. He hangs out in the center of the table and towards the mid field so he has both range and can move and threaten both side of the table and ahead. He just walks up there and waits to see what happens.

    1. He is floating- using the Emperor’s Champion of a Chapter Master like dude. Depending on the mission and army I face he might be part of the attack wave or go defensive. Most of the time he is defensive as a backup for later in the game.

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