Special Thanks For My Patreon Supporters: One Year Ago

Around this time a year ago Google decided to shut down my YouTube channel, deleting all my videos, subscribers, links and content without warning. Continuing the Long War I decided to make my blog- Wargamer Fritz the cornerstone of my online experiences that I share with you all.

Images, articles, and podcasts all in one place, updated daily, and accessible outside of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It was a chance to start over digitally and build things as they should have been built.

A big part behind the scenes was keeping the site running in terms of storage and bandwidth- making sure there was enough, and continues to be enough. I had experience with such things from running the Warmaster 40K forum, and knew that I had to account for it, if Wargamer Fritz was going to be my digital home base.

THANK YOU to my Patreon supporters for helping to make this happen and for continuing to make this happen. You are and have been a huge help in keeping this site and the content running. Much of the bandwidth is sucked up by downloading and streaming my podcasts, but images saved are another big sink- and I try to keep the images as big as I can for viewing and downloading.

It was a rough few months a year ago as I struggled to not only rebuild, and reorganize, but also do it right this time- and now back on track and better vs. before I have you to thank.

Appreciation for this, and for all my regular viewers and commentators, for whom in some way I’m a part of your daily gaming life- thank you for the time and opportunity!

Emperor Protects!


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