Dungeons & Dragons: Effective Character Leveling

You just banked that last Dungeons & Dragons XP point and are ready to level up…

A few considerations regardless of class or level…

Many players focus on the hard stats of leveling up- roll for hit points, adjust an ability score, gain a new feat or character ability, maybe some new spells or number of attacks.

But there are two *other* very important D&D leveling points to keep in mind- making sure that your character does not fall behind.

Is your gear and magic item stash keeping up with your character level and challenge rating?

A +1 sword is fine for a fighter levels 1-3, but if you are swinging that same sword at level 5 the modifiers aren’t stacking enough.

Be sure to spend your treasure resources to make sure you are keeping up with the appropriate class gear.


Are you spending gold along the way to build in-character contacts?

Giving some coin to the local temple, working with the thieves or adventurers guild?

Making sure you are developing NPC contacts in the game that you can call and use appropriate per character level- networking isn’t just for real life.

Roll for hit points.

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