Winning Talisman Board Game Tactics


Talisman is one of my favorite board games.

True it uses a D6 roll and move system, but there are some very potent behind the engine tactics one can use to pull ahead in the race for the Crown of Command.

At its core Talisman is about controlling the random of the D6.

During your turn you want to minimize it and on the other player’s turn maximize it.


Trying as best as one can to always hold a fate point in reserve, or topping off as much as possible when at 0 so one can re-roll on the movement to move to an advantage space, or pass a strength/craft test, or roll high on a D6 event.

Holding cards to force your opponent to re-roll a die or burn a fate point such as the use of the RANDOM magic spell or other cards which change a D6 or force a re-roll.

Likewise at the start of the game, one wants to draw as many adventure cards as possible- bouncing back and forth on the ruins or other 2 card spaces in the expansions to try and draw the most favorable items in the deck, while they are still in the deck.

More TALISMAN starting tactics in my vlog below.

See you in the game!

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