Warhammer 40K 9th Edition Rumors & Confirmations

After a few years of any edition of Warhammer 40K the rumors start to build.

A new edition.

New starter sets.

Games Workshop is going to drop one last big release before the big push.

Sadly, there is some truth to this as we have the pattern of deployment for literally the past eight edition of Warhammer 40,000 PLUS Age of Sigmar.

Every 3-5 years we get a new edition for Warhammer 40K as a way for Games Workshop to reset the imbalance in the rules that they literally create.

Sell Space Marines, sell more power Space Marines, sell really powerful Space Marines. Update other armies to compete, repeat the process.

Eventually the rules jumble of 40K becomes such a mess, an edition *reboot* is needed.

New editions also sell new models- new starter kits, bringing old players back into the fold, along with they hype bringing in new players.

This is nothing new with 40K, or profit driven gaming in general- just look at Dungeons & Dragons for the master template.

The main for me that point to a new edition is that we are now on the second big cycle of Space Marine (Primaris) releases, along with the finishes release of a 40K side system- Apocalypse.

What would we see with a new release?

Certainly expect the Grimdark story to advance, which is a good and welcomed thing- Battletech has done this right for 35+ years. Give the players an advancing and moving narrative for them to feel like they are a part of living history- like GW used to do with the world wide campaigns from years ago.

I also fully expect Primaris to become the de facto template for all Space Marines in the game- even Mepheston is getting Primaris sized.

Regular Space Marines AKA mini-marines are gone.

Second is finishing what Age of Sigmar started- fully Sigmarize and streamline the 40K ruleset.

This is the chance and time to do it, and GW has been bold with many things so far this year.

A chance to break the edition creep mold?

On a side note, rumors of the *new* starter set include Necrons.

I’d love that, but they aren’t main-story enough like Chaos or Orks.

Even the *new* GW can’t escape to tired and stale Chaos story line- and this is coming from a die hard CSM player, so I expect the new starter to be Marines Vs, Chaos X.