Wargaming Army Template Building PDF Guide Download

In playing our wargaming armies on the table we often talk about the LIST- a selection of units, models, and figures that work together to do something on the table and win the mission. While there are many ways of building a list, this PDF tactica guide explores one of my favorite ways of list building known as the ARMY TEMPLATE.

Within the outline of each template we find ways of assigning certain roles to each unit and executing those roles on the table to positioning our forces for the win. The idea of an army template in not dependent on specific models or even gaming systems but rather a way of applying the units that you have at your command.

I’ve written this PDF to explore eight of my favorite template builds that I enjoy playing with my own armies across a number of gaming systems. The templates reviewed are: attack|support|defense, gunline, null deployment, phase overload, wolf pack, herohammer, deployment lockdown, and MSU.

Illustrations to support each template and explored though selected Warhammer 40K and Battletech perspectives as a way to illustrate how certain unit attributes can make each template work. This is done as many of the supporters/readers of my blog also enjoy these two gaming systems and they work very well as an illustrative example.

However, these templates can work with ANY wargaming system, including skirmish games, and can be easily adapted as they are an outline/template of how to play and what you need to execute on the table to make them work.

The PDF guide consists of 41 pages of wargaming tactica building on the posts and principals from my blog at wargamerfritz.com to positioning you to WIN your next game.

Thank you for your support through this PDF as it is used to help pay for hosting, domain, and bandwidth costs for my posts and podcasts on my blog.

I’m honored to be a part of your gaming life.


Check out the PDF HERE.