Wargaming Tactics: Deployment Lockdown

When does the game start?

First thought might be firs turn- but tactically it starts a few steps before that.

As your opponent sets up, what models do they have in the army, armada, battle force, etc. Based on what they have selected, what is the plan on the tabletop?

What are they going to try and do in the game?


Setting up in a deployment zone, the plan is to gain momentum on turn one- the ability to move out with units to gain superior position on the table to win the mission- either by attack, or through area denial.

Deployment wins the game before the dice are even rolled.

Bad deployment is *very* hard to correct once the game has started.

Which leads to the tactics of deployment lockdown- stopping and containing your opponent in the deployment zone so they can’t move out turn one, two, and hopefully three.

How do we do this?

Deployment lockdown tactica in the vlog below.