Wargaming Tactics: Siphoning Units

We have set up deployment and rolled of for first turn.

Time to issue commands.

On the table you see the bulk of my forces are castled in the corner, ready to move through the forest to gain predictable cover. Nothing surprising here as that is the best tactical option.

However, on the opposite side of my deployment zone, behind a ruined building is a lone mortar team.

What do you do?

The mortar team over in the corner is a siphon unit- a small, low point or battle value unit that can attack each turn, snipe, and hide- hoping that you will pull of a part of your forces to attack or destroy it, in turn weakening your main thrust.

A siphoning unit works to pull of units and create a distraction for your opponent.

The KEY in selecting a siphon unit is spending a small amount of points so when it does get destroyed it doesn’t impact your army.