Battletech: Striker Combat Vehicle

One of the challenges in smaller battle value Battletech games is that one has to make hard choices in terms of units that can cover redundancy and the variety of situations that could happen in a given mission.

One can go *all-in* and just bring the big mechs, but that is very much an all or nothing risk.

In lower battle value games, the Striker combat vehicle is an excellent support choice to consider and can add some much needed punch and versatility to a lance.

As a combat vehicle the Striker brings a tandem LRM 10 and SRM 6 missile launcher, allowing it to cover both effective long and short ranges.

With the LRM 10 it can lay down long range support, firing direct and indirect, and as it closes or the target closes it engages both the LRM and SRM pack.

It also has tactical value in the mid to end game when opposing mechs have lost armor and gone to internals- a chance to hit those internals for potential critical hits with the cluster of missiles.

More STRIKER tactica in my BATTLETECH vlog below.