Battletech Tactics: SRM Carrier

First time you look at the Battletech technical printout for the SRM carrier you think it is a mistake…

…10 (!) SRM 6 launchers mounted on a tracked vehicle.



The SRM carrier is perhaps one of the most polarizing units in the game in that it takes a TON of tactica and positioning to make it work, BUT if you can line things up just right it can literally blast a light or medium mech in one shot.

Heavies and even assault mechs also quake in fear.

The primary challenge is how do you get a paper thin armored tracked close range vehicle with no turret up to point blank range.

In a citytech scenario it is easier, slink along the buildings and back lots. Deploy hidden in a building and mug a mech walking by.

One some of the more open hex-maps zooming across the table is not going to work. Even if you spend some more battle value on units to work with the SRM carrier, it can be stopped in open terrain.

On these maps it goes full defensive.

See where the mission objectives are going to be and hide out at those objectives.

As a mechwarrior do you want to EAT 60 SRM missiles real time?

One of my favorite brutal *tanks* in the game- more SRM tactica in the vlog below.