Godtear Warband Tactics: Slayers

At first pass Slayer warbands look easy to play- above average attacks/stats, so just point and click at other champions and let them go to work.

That can work just on the meta, but is it the best way to use them, making sure not to leave any opportunities on the table.

The primary aspect of Slayer warbands is to remove opposing models- getting to them as quickly as possible and keeping them in the mix- not spent running around the board chasing them down.

Based on the mission, and each of the Godtear mission have these checkpoints- where are the ‘tears? Where are opposing warbands going to cluster up and be forced to linger?

Send the ‘slayers to these points and you will always have a choice of targets.

Likewise Slayers earn those bonus points by knowing out opposing champions- 4 points base + 1 for the slayer ability for 5 points.

But can you knock out an opposing champion each round?

Don’t be completely mislead by the Slayer stats- you still have to hit and bypass armor, removing wounds on champions who have a good amount to start with- even supporting champions.

Be ready to have your slayer minions work with the champion to torrent down the wounds fist, and then finish off for the +1 bonus with the champion.

Likewise it’s not always all about killing champions.

Set everything up to earn 5 points a turn, *but* if you can’t be ready to knock out a follower or two with the champion so you are at least getting those points.

Slayers should be earning 1-5 points a turn, every turn.

Are you worthy of Godlike power?

More slayer tactica in my Godtear vlog below.