Pathfinder The Adventure Card Game: Solo Ezren

Pathfinder The Adventure Card game does an EXCELLENT job of dishing out that RPG experience in an random pre-generated adventure without a Dungeon Master needed. Roll the dice, collect the loot, and slay the bad guys.

As a HUGE RPG fan, I especially enjoy it with the gaming group since I can finally be a part of the party and don’t have to run the adventure.

It also does solo play really well.

As of late I’ve been making my way through the adventure paths (no spoilers) with Ezren, since given the choice in a game or RPG I usually play the magic-user.


Or points to keep in mind- your suggestions appreciated.

Going solo means no blessings to pull from other characters, and not being a believer in the gods, Ezren can’t store any in his adventure deck.

So that means what you roll is what you roll, no real way to modify it out of some specific magic items.

Further, no armor means no absorbing that damage, out of a few damage absorbing spells and magic items- which compete with your limited character slots for other much needed items.

I feel like, and I’m not complaining, challenge accepted, that Ezren is that hardest Runelords core character to solo.

I’m also finding he sleep and later paralysis spells are KEY as some of the monsters one may encounter might have a high challenge rating to beat that one would normally boost with a blessing. Sleeping it passed it back into the deck, but maybe one can close the deck sooner vs. facing it again.

The other challenge solo is that Ezren needs healing- either with potions or certain items, since he is going to fail combat rolls and take damage, needing to heal back up at least once in a game.