Wargaming Tactics: Winning The Mission

We often hear in wargaming to play the mission- focus on the goals of winning the mission so that at the end of the game…you win.

In this post let’s explore a tactica checklist on how to do this.

Points to keep in mind.

The mission happens every turn- what are you doing each turn to win?

Getting units in position on the table to capture objectives, positioning units for a counter attack. Depending on the mission, is there something you can grab this turn to win?

At the same time, your units on the table need to be actively engaging your opponent- destroying units that they have so they can not do what you are doing- actively trying to win the mission.

Sometimes it helps as a starting point to understand this tactica to divide your units in two groups.

The first group does nothing but go out and wreck- engage opposing units and work to remove them- these units of yours are tasked with fighting to the end and sacrificing themselves to remove opposing units.

The second group of units is tasked with *only* winning the mission- being in the correct place each turn, and at the end of the game.

Victory is life!