Battletech Mailbag: Refitting Centurion

Incoming Comstar Transmission…

Hi Fritz! I recently discovered your Youtube channel while browsing for Battletech tactics. Love your vlogs! I would like your opinion on something… I’m currently playing in a roleplay Battletech campaign in 3028 where I am a Mechwarrior with my own mech. I use a CN9A Centurion currently, but due to a combination of battle damage and salvage, I have the opportunity to customise my loadout. I’m thinking either the Yen Lo Wang design (AC20, 2ML, 1 hatchet) or be closer to the CN9A with 1 PPC and 1 LRM15. Our battles are usually with about 5 mechs on the players’ side, currently mostly medium mechs. Any advice on which design I should go with is appreciated, thanks!

Thanks for the Battletech motivation with my YouTube vlog’s- I try to bounce around some Battletech ideas and what I’m working on, and you guys always give me a ton of much appreciated feedback and new ideas.

Love the idea of linking your mech to a campaign and piloting it, I’m sure as a true mechwarrior you have grown attached to it.

Big question would be- what are the other mechs in your lance? What are the other players piloting?

Both Centurion variants are a bit on the extreme range side- the Yen is deadly at super close up work with the hatchet and the AC/20, while the PPC/LRM variant want’s to stay at range.

Both, by specializing on the extreme range bands, can compliment and put out more damage at that range, potentially allowing you to engage bigger and more heavily armored targets.

Tactically I’d say the PPC/LRM has a bit more flexibility and is the *safer* mech to pilot as it is easier to stay away from other mechs and stuff vs. close on them.

The LRM would allow you to indirect fire, and with the PPC and LRM you can engage at long and medium range- just paying attention to the minimums and zipping away of you stuff tries to close and force you at the minimums.

BUT, the Yen will get the other side, or game master’s attention- closing with the medium lasers, blasting with that AC 20 and smashing away with the hatchet- that damage potential is equal to a heavy mech. But the rest of your lance mates will have to be on point protecting and giving you a way in.

Since you are playing an RPG flavor of the game, I’d go with the PPC/LRM as it is the *safer* one to play and would be more tactically forgiving…

…don’t want to wind up among the dispossessed.