Mage Knight Board Game Tactics: Maze

Even as a powerful mage-knight one never knows what each flip of the terrain tile will bring in Mage Knight the board game.

On a quest to hunt down powerful artifacts, the maze offers an interesting choice…

Enter the maze, fight a monster, and claim a reward.

Mana crystals are the lowest reward, and are a good way to pick up some colors that you might need for your mana bank.

Spell rewards are much better in that  one doesn’t have to bust down mage towers to get one, towers generally being a bit more challenging.


What makes the risk vs. reward of the maze worth it.

Or not?

The biggest challenge of the maze is the time sink in movement to be able to face a challenge and draw a reward.

Six movement points, plus what it cost to make it to the maze, doesn’t really leave many cards in hand to fight an encounter and win. The maze is not something one walks into at the start of the game.

A few levels in, with some additional cards in hand, and perhaps a draw X more card ready to play?

Certainly a unique adventure site, but I find the timing of when to enter *vital*.

Otherwise it is a literal time and resource sink.

Especially in a multiplayer game.