Lord Of The Rings Card Game: Deck Building Tactics & Strategy

One of the complexities that adds to the replayability factor in the Lord of the Rings card game is not only the variety of quests and characters to take on the quests, but the deck building strategies for each game.

Based on the characters selected and the domains that they open, one builds a deck of items, followers, powers, and abilities drawn from the LOTR universe.

So just how does one approach the deck building aspect of the game?

Deck building is almost a min/max mini-game within the main game.

Here is my approach…

Certainly one can go mix max and focus on just raw power, other options are themed decks, all dwarfs, etc. but regardless I find this a useful starting formula.

Given that one draws cards each turn, there is a semi-random elements to it.

You know *which* cards are in your deck, but not the order that they will turn up, and when they do turn up and get added to your hand, will you have the resources to bring them into play when needed?

We want to control the random as best we can, and mange the resources the best we can.

The bulk of my deck is going to be allies. Followers, friends, henchmen, warriors, whatever we want to call it. Get them out with my heroes so I can red shirt them as needed. Use allies to explore, engage monsters, and soak up nasty effects.

I need to have a good spread of them in the deck so a reasonable number come up each turn.

They also need to be low in resource cost- one, two, maybe three points even if I’m playing multiple spheres. Allies the are high in cost might not always have the resources to deploy.

I’m not saying don’t take them, but keep a reasonable ratio.

Same with attachments (gear). Pick a few and take them as much as possible so they can deploy. Add in a few artifacts or really unique items, but look to control the random and reliably push them out.