Battletech Mech Tactics: Locust

My goal is to become the most feared Battletech Locust pilot in the inner sphere…

This week’s ‘mech review has us exploring the Locust- one of my favorite mechs to play in the game- speed, character, and IF I send you to the ranks of the dispossessed as a Locust pilot, you will never be able to live it down.

We start with speed as light mechs live and die based on speed.

With so little armor, any hit you take, will cripple a mech. The plan is to *not* get his by using the speed of your mech to stay out of the firing arc of other mechs, and/or stacking the movement hex modifiers while staying at long ranges.

Keeping the Locust alive and not taking shots comes before being able to shoot back- putting yourself at risk.

In an attack role the Locust does have a solid medium laser- fair damage and range for a light mech, and two machines guns- stock model.

The machine guns are a bit misleading in that in order to use them you need to be *really* close, putting you at close range (with no modifiers) to the target.

Against infantry, which machine guns are gold, the Locust also want’s to avoid engaging- the return fire from a few infantry stands, laser or SRMĀ  is enough to cripple the mech.

For those looking to be more aggressive with the mech, running the dual SRM-2 variant gives it more range/punch and bite.

More Locust tactica- check out my vlog below.

See you in the game!