Invisible Sun RPG: What Has Brought Me To The Invisible Sun?

Do you believe in synchronicity?

What has brought us to the Invisible Sun?

Many of the opportunities that I have been able to explore and take advantage of in terms of momentum have been due to role playing games- specifically Dungeons & Dragons in its various editions.

D&D is my DNA.

Through the gnosis of the invisible sun, can I re-code that DNA?

I was introduced to the Dungeons & Dragons Red Box through my cousin and later found a group to start playing with in grade school, which catapulted my imagination to the glorious narratives of Mysteria and the Forgotten Realms.

AD&D, D&D 3.X, 5.0 and even fourth- I’ve been on record publicly saying I enjoyed that edition have been a part of my life for the greater part of thirty years now.

As things change, one is confronted with an eventual new reality, and a choice is given.

Jump into that new reality tunnel, or continue to exist in the old reality tunnel.

D&D is no longer the Dungeons & Dragons of my youth, it hasn’t been for a while, and I don’t write that from a nostalgic point of view- every session of D&D that I currently play is fun and amusing.

But the current players of the game, the current and up-and-coming generation of players are not me, or the players of my day.

And that is OK, it is their turn to have Dungeons & Dragons.

It is this duality that currently powers D&D.

Thanks, in a positive way, to digital role playing games, MMO games, and the main-stream popularity of D&D new players are arriving each day to the game.

Thursday night’s at the gaming store has been packed for years now.

But these players have different tastes and different expectations.

As a Dungeon Master I can keep running the same adventures I have been running and enjoying for years, doing the same old, or I can cater to the new genesis of players.

As a player I can continue to min/max my characters, putting treasure and experience points first.

How many more dragons do I really need to slay?

It’s time to move beyond D&D, and I say that having completed the journey, and happy that a new generation will take the D&D experience in hand.

But if not D&D, what?

Certainly I could jump into some of the other side-system role playing games that I enjoy from time to time- Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay or Paranoia.

If I but ask I could insert myself into a real time decades long Vampire game.


Of all things, an obscure Amazon recommendation on a  friends phone.

An obsidian cube.

*What* is that?

Neither of us knew.

Gnosis of the invisible sun.

Even what little of the game is released and drip-fed had intrigued me.

A world where one can explore gnostic concepts and other avenues of new thought.

A magical system that can manipulate the story.

A dreamland.

I was sold.

Role playing games, via D&D spilled out into my life.

Perhaps now with the Invisible sun, my life can spill out into role playing games?