Battletech Tactics: Goblin Medium Tank

One of the great narratives of Battletech is that it is a combined arms universe.

Certainly mechs are KING, but tanks, infantry and air support also all have a place- and can also all be a major threat to a mech.

In this post we are going to explore the Goblin medium tank as a compliment to an infantry fighting force.

Regarding infantry, given the speed of mechs and other vehicles, one needs a transport in the game to get them in position ahead of time, or for rapid redeployment.

Karnov air support of light APCs work for speed vs. low battle value.

However, for more aggressive tactics, one can start looking at fighting vehicles that transport and work with battle infantry- the Goblin being the an excellent inner sphere choice to transport infantry.

Having a good balance of speed and armor the Goblin has enough to make it to the contact point, deploy infantry, and start fighting. With a large laser and machine guns it can effectively engage mechs, vehicles, and infantry.

One does need to keep in mind that it is a medium battle tank- a threat to light and medium mechs, and a holder for heavy and assault mechs.

More Goblin tactica below in my BATTLETECH vlog.

See you in the game!