Imperial Ambitions 2 Mega Game: The Return Of House Essen

Imperial Ambitions 2: The Mega Game has ended…

IA 1, and what had lead to the events of this game can be found here: IA 1 

Representing the noble House of Essen I was playing the role of the general- lord commander of the armies on the realm, my other team mates were play the role of ambassador to the court, and diplomat.

In the above map the red outlined territory is controlled by House Essen and our goals for the game were to reclaim the lost keep on the bottom, and to reclaim land from House Imbrose which is the yellow border to the right- both which were lost in the last game when we tried to take the throne from the Emperor by force and everybody turned against us.

As lord commander, my plan was to build up our army in secret, buying units and keeping them hidden as farmers, and commoners so they wouldn’t appear on the map. Over the course of the game I would secretly mass them on the border and towards the end of the game launch a blitzkrieg attack to take back our keep and lands.

We needed money to do this, so turn one we spent what gold we had to set up a counterfeiting operation to produce faked coins. With the income we received from our lands we would pay our army, and with the fake money we would pay our imperial taxes and use to bribe traitors and turncoats in the other houses.

This solved the problem encountered in the first game- it was impossible to generate enough money from one’s land to pay both the army, and imperial taxes.

Slowly I rearmed in secret…

Surprisingly we were left totally alone for the first few turns. Nobody moved against us, invaded our lands, or considered us a threat- all of the other houses were busy vying for power or dealing with pushing other agendas to try and take the throne of the Emperor.


Our team was the same players who played last time, and we all know what Essen was capable of?

Being so weak, why not finish us off.

As we gained more coin it was time to start the second phase of our plan- biological weapons. One can’t be a proper super power city state if you don’t have nuclear weapons- and being the “middle ages” bio-weapons where the order of the day.

Sending word to the heretic lands of the south we hired the worst of the alchemists and necromancers skilled in the dark arts.

The deal was Faustian.

Develop the black-plague and the worse of the plagues of pharoh and in return whatever is needed for such “experiments” will be granted. Freed from the restrictions of the “church” such a visionary would be free to pursue the work in an matter, as long as Essen got its weapons.

As the general, once they were ready I planned to deploy them before marching in with our suddenly revealed army.

…while the other houses continued to ignore us, and a few of them even joining in the west to march of the capital and take the throne of the Emperor.

Which put us in a VERY difficult place politically…

Join the rebellion in the west and now have those in the east attack us, ruining our plans.

Join with the Emperor and resist the rebellion, but be forced to divert money and parts of or army (which were revealed), while making enemies of the other houses going against the Emperor.

We sided with the Emperor, with the promise of land in the west from one of the traitor houses when the rebellion was crushed.

We waited our time, saying we would help, but not really helping, saying we needed time to rearm since we didn’t have much of an army- despite sitting on one of the largest in the game- just in secret.

There was so much chaos from the other houses, the church, and something about prophets that again nobody really called us out, on well doing nothing- kind of like the ultimate politician.

But then things took a turn for the worst, the houses joined in rebellion had amassed a huge army, taking losses and refilling the ranks the next season and were at the palace gates, the Emperor was in trouble and was demanding we help. Our other “allies” were under attack, and it was only a matter of time before the rebellion marched on us…

Where were they getting the gold to maintain such a massive army?

(Turn out they bribed the royal treasurer to funnel them money from the treasury.)

It was time, a bit sooner vs. when planned, but there was also opportunity. With all the armies on the capital and all of the houses weakened, we gave the word to release our biological weapons, while secretly sealing our border with order to not let anybody in- or out.

One by one the lands in the other houses became infected and pox-ridden. The capital was laid to waste, armies fell ill, while the battle continued, yet weakened. Everybody was searching for a cure, plague had come to the realm and was consuming everything…

…but house Essen.

Now arriving at the last few game turns, we again launched the plague to retake our lost lands while our “hidden” army rose up and marched, but it really wasn’t needed, the land was laid to waste, and there wasn’t much of a resistance.

Nobody knew until the end of the game, when all is reveled that we started the plague.

In the end we regained or lost keep, secured new titles, and were granted extensive new lands in the West as a reward for the emperor…

The narrative write up is below from my excellent friends DAVE who ran the event. He and the entire GM team ran a flawless experience, and knowing his plans for continued big games and ambitious projects, I’m sure its only a matter of time for Imperial Ambitions 3.

For IA 3, how am I going to top a biological weapons program and counterfeiting ring?

Perhaps pump all our coin into wunderwaffe?

Group photo- for the curious I’m in my alias as Frank Castle.

Check out the narrative write up HERE.