Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Play: Good Party Vs. Evil Party

It was a perfect storm at the gaming table.

A few of the players had a temporary switch in scheduling for the next few months, and the gaming store where we played at had to cut back on space for a bit due to renovations.

So only half of the team could make it as scheduled, and I didn’t want to lose the other players.

So what about running two games till things sorted out.

What about running a good player game and a evil player game so my friend could *finally* play his Blackguard proper.

What it we took it another step and made it a competitive D&D game?

A race…

I printed out a giant 6′ x 6′ map of the Forgotten Realms in full detail with some printing connections and set the stage for the campaign.

A rivalry between iconic wizards in the realm for bragging rights, and to settle a dispute.

One good party, the other evil, both starting on one side of the realm, and a race to make it on foot or by sea *only* to the other side of the realm.

A starting point and a finishing point.

Both wizards would send challenges along the way to slow them down, and beyond no PvP, anything else goes.

Each group would play on a different night, and I’d mark the progress of each group on the map for the other to see.

Who would arrive first and claim the prestige of the realms?