Dark Souls Board Game: Tile Tactics

Dark Souls: The Board Game has all the bells and bling of an excellent dungeon crawler- grimdark gothic setting, different adventure characters, minions, bosses, and lots of loot. But there is MUCH more to the game vs. just running around Diablo-style and grabbing loot.

There are many tactical decisions along the way, stuff that adds up equaling defeat or victory, and for a HARD game you are going to need ever little bit of help you can get. In many ways, it is a Vulcan-esque mind meld of dungeon crawler and tacical miniature game…

…so I made my first run through fighting the Titanite Demon and was now preparing to make a run against the Dancer. Gear wise my assassin was the strongest, with the both the Knight and Herald also geared up respectively. Warrior, however was a problem. The gear drops just were not falling, and at best he had the morning star without any gems socked in. His attack and armor values were going to need a major boost FAST.

i lay out the dungeon tiles above, without really thinking about it- major mistake, that might cost me the game now- I’m still playing it out and will report back. The Dancer dungeon has two large soul encounters and two medium souls encounters. The large soul encounters are naturally crazy- we expect that. The medium soul encounters are hit-or-miss. They can be easy with just some Hollows to cleave away, or a bit harder with large hollows and traps. Looking at the set up map- I am a bit worried at the tile to the left of the bonfire. If I explore it directly from the bonfire the minion spawn nodes are right there- with the minions activating first, they will be right on top of me swinging away forcing me to make armor saves. I prefer an approach and try to approach where they burn the first turn coming at me, so my first hero activation can at least take one down and start thinning the horde.

If I approach it from the bottom, I have to explore the other two tiles first- which is OK as I need the souls to gear up my warrior, BUT the spawn nodes are still kind of the same.

Giving me the choice of perhaps skipping the encounter altogether on the way to the Dancer? But that gives me 8-16 less souls that I need for gear.

My lack of attention to detail when placing the tiles just made the game more real.

Side question for me fellow ‘Souls players: Do you pick your tiles and place them out or do you blind draw and place so you can’t plan on what you get, and are forced to potentially make such tactical decision as the game unfolds?

Praise the Sun!