Pacific Rim: Extinction Battle Tactics

First couple of games of Pacific Rim: Extinction…

The game is a dynamic based mix of action cards and dice, with ways to modify dice rolls and use unique powers for each model. It has a decent complexity, but plays very fast and furious.

Running around punching kaiju, it’s easy to miss…

Pacific Rim is both an action miniature game and a wargame.

Movement, positioning, and precise movement is KEY.

Each model can only pivot at select points- either after movement, or before/after movement. Much as one would expect from giant mechs and space monsters turning is a bit slow.

This makes anticipating where your opponent is going to move an important skill, and one that is always encountered in other games- like Warhammer 40K, where most of the models can move 360 in any direction.

Pacific Rim has its share of shooting, but the close combat, chain sword and talon assault is where it is at, and once you engage with a model, moving backwards, or turning and running away can be hard.

Knowing when to engage and when to run and gun.

Trying to engage and put down Obsidian Fury as fast as I can, knowing that I can’t stop Hakuja from borrowing and appearing behind me, so I can at least deal with him 2-1.

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