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Podcast: X-Wing Miniatures

Episode 36: X-Wing Miniatures Pilot Skill Tactics

X-Wing Miniatures tactics: Where do you fall on the pilot skill equation? Episode 36 Podcast explores the ideas and tactics behind selecting the matching pilot skill for your build. Listen, grab, and explore the PODCAST Read more…

Podcast: X-Wing Miniatures

Episode 34: X-Wing Miniatures Big Ship Tactics

Podcast episode 34 explores the tactica needed to run big ships in X-Wing Miniatures. Download and listen to the podcast HERE: Episode 34- X-Wing Miniatures Never tell me the odds!

Podcast: X-Wing Miniatures

Episode 17: X-Wing Miniatures Dice Stream Tactics

X-Wing Miniatures like any other DICE based wargame has at is core in winning the need for the players to manipulate the dice. The DICE are the random that you cannot control on that first Read more…