Here Is How You Become A Dungeons & Dragons Power Player

Are you ready to become a power player?

Dungeons & Dragons being a dice based game is about the generation of random numbers- the use of those different sided dice. As a random number generator and a power player we want to both maximize and control the random in the game.

Let’s explore the tactica from the perspective of playing a fighter, understanding that this power formula applies to every character.

When attacking with a weapon there are two sets of numbers to determine damage. The first is the random number of the weapon- swinging a long sword will do 1D8 damage.

If the gods favor you roll a seven or eight, of they curse you a one or two, on average a four or five.

The second number is the fixed number- attack modifiers, feats bonus, strength bonuses, and magical bonuses.

Swing away with a long sword +1, you are always going to deal that +1 damage plus the D8.

As much as possible we want to work on stacking these fixed numbers, as they are guaranteed damage. Pay attention to these +1 number as they add up across different ways of getting them. +8 or +10 is not uncommon at the mid levels.

In addition to increasing these fixed numbers where can you expand the dice and add the dice.

D6 vs. D8 mace vs. sword.

Hit with the sword if you can.

Additional dice for properties like sonic, flame, or ice?

Power players need to maximize both fixed and variable dice numbers- grow and expand the pool as much as you can, at each level up and chance to trade in and up gear.

How can your character maximize the dice pool each time they act in combat, skill checks, and interactions.