Wargaming Tactics: Dice Cheating

Does cheating exist is the wargaming community?

While cheating exists in all areas of gaming, it has been my experience that it is pretty rare in wargaming- even on the tournament scene.

Cheaters don’t like getting caught and the wargaming community is a *very* small and connected place.

Cheat and one will get caught and banned- and with the immortality of deeds that the internet brings that is often enough to shut it down.

But there are certain methods used by the cheater which one should be aware of, and in that interest of discussion here are two examples…

The first is one that requires zero skill and is the easiest to pull of as long as one doesn’t get greedy.

Many wargames have players rolling lots of D6 dice- take a batch of similar dice- one of the standard and well used Chessex dice cubes and literally cook a few dice.

Out of a batch of twenty or so, take six with the “6” side face up and microwave them for thirty seconds. Let cool, zap ’em again.

Do this a few times, and the cheap plastic of the dice in the center softens and shifts towards the “1” side- instant loaded dice that roll a “6”.

Mix them back in with the batch and it is hard to detect.

Another method, which at *least* requires some skill and daring is to add dice to the pool when you roll them.

Rolling dice to attack, sleight of hand and add in one or two more.

After rolling to hit, don’t pull of a missed die, sleight of hand to keep as many dice to roll as possible.

Active cheating like this can still be hard to detect of done quickly.

Does dice cheating happen in wargaming?