Warhammer 40K Practice: How To Get Good Fast

Listen up readers! For this week’s post I’m going to be your martial arts master and immortal sage all rolled into one, delivering secrets well worth the price of admission!

Regardless of the army you play, we all want to get better at the game, and above almost everything else that is the number one reason we are all trolling the internet and sites like dakka dakka and warseer exist. Everybody has their secret elixir of truth for getting better, and I’m going to drop one of mine this week beyond finding the best player in your club and getting your ass kicked by them till you learn the ropes. While this is a fantastic method not everybody has the stomach or ego to take it week in and week out with their eye on the ultimate prize. This idea is more of a solo exercise for when you are away from the master and with your friends rolling some dice in the basement.

One of the skills of becoming a good 40K player is knowing how your army operates as a whole, and how to maximize the most out of each unit. With each unit you have to instinctively know what it can do, how you can keep it alive, and what the odds are for accomplishing its goals. Learning how each unit works means less mistakes on the table, and without actively thinking about it your focus and energy on the table can be put towards strategy and not “what-if’s”. Here is the game I play to learn how to use each unit, and it was instrumental to mastering my seer council and land raider with terminators inside.

For this mission you are taking your learning unit and putting it against your opponent’s entire army in a modified annihilation mission. You get to pick the type of deployment and if you go first turn or second and then see how long your unit can last- the game “ends” when your unit is wiped off the table. At the end of the game you add up all the victory points that you got and compare it to the points of your unit. Keep practicing till you earn three to four time the cost of the unit in points.

With only a single unit on the table, and the ability to focus on it 100% you will quickly learn to use cover, avenues of approach and when to move and shoot, and when to just sit tight and shoot. Work on earning those points in the list! Only when you can do all this on the fly with each and every unit in your army can you afford to start thinking about higher level tactics and stuff.

Sound off! What unit do you need the most practice with? What types of practice missions do you use to get better at the game?