D&D Down Time

The party has saved the village, slain the monster, and stripped the dungeon of anything that glittered…

…see you all next week!

As a Dungeon Master are you using your “down” time during gaming session to build your adventure brand and set things up for the next game?

Building on the narrative you can be missing out on some good opportunities for role playing- depending on the classes in your party and the personalities of the players.

One of the things that I like to do in-between games- where there is a break in the adventure for a bit is allow the players a little down time to “adventure” on their own.

So just how do you want your character to spend that week before the next adventure begins?

In game-time, what are they doing?

I leave this open for potential role playing and go with what they give me.

Maybe the fighter does some man-at-arms security work building their in town reputation and earning some extra gold pieces?

Maybe the wizard spends their time researching spells in that old library and discovers a random new spell for their book.

Maybe the thief makes some underworld contacts who want to recruit her on the side?

Without the party knowing of course.

Most of the time, as we end the tabletop session I ask my players what their characters are doing, and then a few days later I send them a quick email with the results which they can keep to themselves or share with the group at the start of the next game. 

See you in the game!