Tips For Running Your First Dungeon & Dragons Game

I understand that your role as the Dungeon Master can be a bit intimidating.
You have a ton of responsibilities riding on your shoulders, above and beyond the choices the players of your game have to make. Your job is the unexpected fusion of rules lawyer, referee, storyteller, and statistical manger.
But consider the rewards or running your own gaming universe, seeing your plans unfold real-time, and being a very large part of an awesome night of role-playing.
Players play the game.
Dungeon Masters make the game.
Here are TWO “what-ifs” to ready you for your first game.
What if I don’t know all the rules?

We’ll somewhere in every edition of Dungeons & Dragons, usually in the first few pages is a statement that the rules are completely optional- they are suggestions on how to play the game.
Now obviously we need the rules to provide a story-telling framework and mechanic for the dice.
But if your forget, mess up, or switch a rule, it’s no big deal.
If you have to look a rule up, that is ok also- grab the book or search on that digital copy.
Being a Dungeon Master is not about memorizing rules or having the experience be some sort of test where the players ask you rules and you have to have them memorized.
This adventure seems quite complex!

Running your first pre-made adventure is supposed to be easy- and some parts of it are easy. Maps, text boxes, and adventure path flow charts help you enjoy the game more, but don’t let the entire adventure kill the evening’s buzz.
Sometimes you might play all of an adventure in one sitting…
…many times you won’t and that is OK.
Think of it as reading a book, or watching a series on Netflix.
Check the time you have to play with the group, and pause the adventure where needed so you can pick it up next time.

Enjoy the adventure like a good movie- no reason to fast forward through it.
See you in the game!
Ready for more D&D glory?