Blog Post: Battletech

Battletech Tactics :Warhammer VS. Marauder

Head to head, two iconic mechs, similar but different, which one is best… Tactically I’m a big fan of big gunin BATTLETECH, anything that can push out ten or more points of damage in a shot gets my attention… …and with BOTH the Warhammer and Marauder having dual PPCs, they have my attention, after all with SO many cool mechs in the game one can’t play an Awesome mech every time. Both heavy mechs, Warhammer Read more…

By Wargamer Fritz, ago
Podcast: Battletech

Podcast: Battletech Gunline Army Tactics

In wargaming a gunline army is often popular due to its strength in volume of dice. Line your shooty models up and blast away- can the same be replicated in a more dynamic game such as BATTLETECH? Podcast episode Battletech Gunline explores this option and translates it over to the BT universe. Listen to the podcast below or click the link here to download and save it.

By Wargamer Fritz, ago
Blog Post: Hobby

Happy New (Gaming) Year 2018!

Happy New Year to all my gaming friends, blog readers, and podcast listeners. Last year was an excellent year of gaming- what are your plans for this year? My 2018 plans? I’m feeling good about Warhammer 40K 8th edition right now, and naturally we will have to see what Games Workshop rolls out in terms of releases, but for 2018 I really want to focus on my Grey Knights- completing my transition of them from Read more…

By Wargamer Fritz, ago
Blog Posts: X-Wing Miniatures

X-Wing Miniatures Tactics: Stay In Formation!

In learning X-Wing miniatures and the various rules and tactics that power it, it is helpful to think of it containing both hardware and software aspects to borrow some framework terms from computer science.   Hardware refers to the cards, pilots, and ship values. Stuff like upgrades, combinations, and abilities. You select these and as long as your ship is still flying you can use them. They are a constant in your tactics and a Read more…

By Wargamer Fritz, ago

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