Battletech Mech Review: Hussar

First time you see the Hussar on the Battletech table you take not of how funny it looks- a big gun, large hands up front.

Movement phase happens and it starts to zip around.


As in Clan-like mech FAST.

Some interesting possibilities with this mech as a light mech on the table.

The Hussar is built around two things- speed and the ER large laser.

It has the speed to push up a good hex-movement modifier defense, and the *ER* aspect of the large laser lets you stay back a bit further adding to your defense by range.

While its only one shot a turn, with no redundancy, it is a large laser- when combined with the speed of the Hussar means one should at least be attacking the target out of most of its major firing arcs.

Can the Hussar also grab rear armor?

As a recon mech it also has some more bite on the familiar role.

Hands means it can grab and go, and the large laser makes it a decent threat against back field units- its unique to be fielding a recon mech that can actually shoot back.