Dungeons & Dragons Tactics: Fireball & Lightning Bolt AOE

As a wizard, or arcane caster, you have *arrived* in Dungeons & Dragons once you can start casting out the iconic spells of the game: fireball and lightning bolt.

From here the D6 damage and effects start stacking and growing in power as you level up.

But what about AOE (area of effect?).

These are some of the first spells where they other players can be blasted with just as much, or perhaps even more vs. other earlier AOE spells like sleep.

As a Dungeon Master do you play with, track, or take into account the explosion radius of the fireball, or the bounce effects of a lightning bolt.

In a closed dungeon setting, both of these attributes can be lethal for everybody.

As the DM, do you tactically move your monsters into position for the bounce or splash effects to potentially hit other players?

Would certain monsters even know to do this?

Thoughts on how AOE spells play out?

See you in the game!