Building A Battletech Lance

Time to ‘mech up for a 6000 battle value game this week…

So how do we build a lance?

A few ideas given there are so many ways to build a lance based on what theme or narrative you want to play, what is available in your collection, and what mission rules might be in effect- house rules, inner sphere only, tech era, etc.

I always start with a plan- what am I trying to do for the game. Do I feel like playing a particular strategy? Maybe a focus on long range missile attacks, or perhaps heavy mechs getting close and punching away.

Maybe just a well rounded take-all-types lance?

I need to have an aim of just what I’m trying to accomplish.

From there I divide my Battletech collection into the groups to start building my list.

The first group are mechs that I personally like to play. Personality on the table- Battlemaster, Stalker, Longbow, Orion, Marauder, Locust, etc.

Some of these mechs are good machines, other have heat problems, or less optimal configurations. BUT for whatever reason I just can’t play Battletech without taking a few of these to the table.

Second group are the units that are auto-include. Stuff based on the stats and rules of the game, when compared to battle value, are just very good at what they do.

They would be considered competitive units.

Catapult, Karnov, Warriors, & infantry as examples.

These units give my list a strong foundation and smooth out any rough edges from taking mechs from my fist group.

Final group is the experimental tech.

Units that need the stars to align in order to really work on the table- but when they work they WORK.

Short range missile carries would be an example.

Short range, weak armor, motive hits, and high battle value. BUT if I make it in with one of these your mech is in for a world of pain, and the chance to blast off with it is worth the price of admission.

These are the “fun” units, try to make them work, explore the tactical options, but having a solid base in more competitive units means you are protected list wise of you can’t make it in with them.