Battletech AC/2 Tactics

First rule of BATTLETECH.

Mechwarrior 101.

Once you are in range you start shooting.

Even if you need a 12 to hit, start putting some damage down the table…

…you never know.

So what about the AC/2?

Mechs that mount this as the primary weapon- like the Jagermech or Blackjack?

Restricting the tech to Inner Sphere pre-Clan invasion, the autocannon 2 is the longest range weapon in the game.

But that is offset by damage- a mere 2 points, and ties one to ammo and tonnage for an autocannon.

Tactics-wise is it worth it?

It plays into the first rule- fire as soon as in range, and at an extreme long range it allows one to immediately engage.

But what real in game benefits can look past only 2 points of damage?

The AC/2 has two primary goals- a crit seeker, and something that you can fire very single turn, often in multiples as in the case of the Jagermech & Blackjack and not have to worry about heat.

Free shots every single turn.

It’s a crit seeker in two, almost 3 ways.

The first is against vehicles- being able to engage at extreme range means the potential to start piling on motive hits and start grinding down the movement for those vehicles- perhaps even stopping them or immobilizing them before they get into effective range.

Second is against light VTOL craft- Warriors and the like as a way to engage them without wasting often ineffective time to chance them down- scoring rotor hits and the like.

Third use is to crit hunt on battlemechs.

Mechs can take a lot of punishment, but at some point things go to internals- perhaps dangerous internals where ammo or other critical systems are located.

When this happens, often the damaged mech will pull back out of effective weapon range, or at least out of the engagement area that it is in- AC/2 can still stay engaged and still continue to crit seek.

The needs to be tactical with the AC/2, using it to look for opportunities vs. a big gun approach or damage dealing approach.