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Dungeons & Dragons: Playing A Beast Race

Human, dwarf, elf…gnoll? Given the diversity of races and characters in Dungeons & Dragons, what about exploring your next game as one of the beast races? Not a half-orc but a full orc. In this week’s D&D podcast we explore playing a beast race character in Dungeons & Dragons, and how it needs to be approached as a player. Listen to the podcast below.  

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Blog Post: Board Games

Zombicide Gaming Session Report

It’s time to bug out of the city… Get out of Dodge… When the Z-virus hit, we laid low, hunkered down, eventually ran out of candy-bars and Mountain Dew, so we got to go… Found some gas in a hardware store, enough to get a car started. Just need the keys. Maybe that police car? Zombz are everywhere. Stick together. Joey, for real, stick to the plan. Don’t go running off again in search of Read more…

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Blog Post: Chain Of Command

Chain Of Command WW II Battle Report: D-Day Counter Attack

With the first of the American invasion into Fortress Europe stalled, the order to counter attack has been given. Securing the road, command has given us tank support from the 2nd Panzer division Das Reich. Three Panzer III tanks will launch the attack with our infantry in support. Tanks take up position as infantry move through the woods. Not a simple break-through mission, we have to rout the Americans and be in control of a Read more…

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Blog Post: Battletech

Urbanmech UM-R60L “Duke of Death”

Urbanmech UM-R60L “Duke of Death” It was during the defense of Kestal City, against invading House Kurita forces that Tor “Duke” Ettington and the 82nd Regulars, a mixture of light and medium mechs, infantry, and armor fought a delaying action until the city government could be evacuated. During the urban battle, the 82nd was wiped out, with only Tor and a few of the other light mechs surviving- during the battle Tor’s mech took a Read more…

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Blog Post: Battletech

Battletech Skirmish Units

Getting my forces ready for tonight’s game of BATTLETECH, playing my usual favorite mechs, and a few new ones, now I just have to pick my skirmish units to compliment my two lances. What is a skirmish unit in Battletech? My definition and place in the tactics. Units that are first cheap in battle value and very fast moving. Stuff that can be in the middle of the table/hex-map or edges in one turn of Read more…

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