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X-Wing Miniatures 2.0: What It Means

Fantasy Flight Games has announced X-Wing Miniatures 2.0. Should we be surprised? I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’ve been with X-Wing since the first release, been collecting, playing, and tournament ever since. Being a completionist I have multiples of every ship, cards sleeved, the works. Now all that is effectively dead. True, there will be an APP (at some point) and conversion kits to use all my old stuff- but that is Read more…

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Blog Post: Battletech

Battletech Tactics: Understanding The Clans

It has taken me a while to really understand the ‘clans- perhaps a dozen games to really get a feel for them, made a bit harder since I have played Inner Sphere/Succession Era for all of my BATTLETECH games. Clans are different… Not just in damage output, weapon range, honor rules and battle value. Not just in the use of elementals- although that was KEY. (future post) BUT rather, a fundamental approach to the tactics. Read more…

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Blog Posts: X-Wing Miniatures

X-Wing Miniatures Tactics: Pilot Skill

If I have achieved anything of note as a wargamer it is because of my opponents and the meta of the amazing community that posts so many great ideas. Watching and learning from various online battle reports and gaming posts doubles my practice time. When it is time for me to evolve, I evolve… …and in this case with X-Wing miniatures I might be evolving. So I’m going to tap into the meta of my Read more…

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Gaming Dice Etiquette?

Is it a leaner? What is the dice etiquette in wargaming? Even among friends rolling the dice correctly is a good habit to cultivate. Here are a few rules that I follow: The first is that all the dice have to land on the table for the result to count. If something falls on the floor, or a side table, I pick it up and re-roll it. All the dice have to be flat on Read more…

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Blog Post: Board Games

Dark Souls Board Game: Gargoyle Mini Boss Run

Warrior and assassin run vs. the Gargoyle. Why the warrior and assassin? Character balance in the game, based on how loot randomly drops favors one tank type character, and one support type character. While I have fun playing both the knight and warrior, they both compete for the gear drops, meaning one will be stronger vs. the other, yet both have to get up close and attack. One tank and one support work best, or Read more…

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Podcast: Wargaming Tactics

Wargaming Tactics: Stress Points

Every wargaming system- Warhammer 40K, Battletech, X-Wing Miniatures, etc. is a simulation of rules that is designed for players to “wargame” in the chosen narrative. They outline what you can and can’t do each turn, and try to balance out the contest of forces… …but every simulation is just that- a simulation. In this week’s wargaming podcast we explore the concept of STRESS POINT: places in the rule-set that can be used to your advantage. Read more…

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Blog Post: Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40K Shadow War Armageddon Tactics

I’m a BIG believer in getting the most out of your model collections, and for Warhammer 40K that means exploring some of the smaller side stories in the grimdark universe. Not everything is a major planet changing battle. Many heroic battles are fought between a half or dozen or less men, xenos, or beasts… What I find especially challenging is that smaller model based games are similar to “regular” 40K but the tactics are VERY Read more…

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